billerbeck bedding dictionary

Compact knowledge on the subject of sleeping culture, from material names to technologies through to questions about healthy sleep and the care of your products.

Materials science

Down and feathers
Hollow fibres, Climate fibres & PCM
Camel hair
Virgin sheep wool
Tail hair


​​AIRFLOCKS® by billerbeck
AIRMAGIC® by billerbeck
AIRSOFT® by billerbeck
AIRTEC® by billerbeck
​​AIRTEC​ micro® by billerbeck
Design – duvet inner and duvet with quilted chambers
Pillow hardness
Lindflocks® wool balls
warmth points

Bedding & care

How do I wash duvets and pillows?
How do I care for my mattress?
How long is the service life of a mattress, duvet and pillow?
How do I properly care for duvets and pillows?
Where does the down that billerbeck uses come from?
Which mattress, which duvet, which pillow suits me?
4-season blanket or all-season duvet?

Sleep & health

What helps to fall asleep?
What sleeper type am I?
What helps against neck pain?
How much does one sweat per night?
How can I get a better full night’s sleep?
Why is healthy sleep so important?
What can I do for back pain?
Which bedding is suitable for children?
What do allergy sufferers need to pay particular attention to?