Our company values

As a medium-sized company and well-known brand manufacturer, we have a great responsibility, which we are conscientiously committed to. Our pursuit of profitability by no means contradicts our ethical and ecological objectives. We believe that the intelligent use of resources and the long-term development of knowledgeable employees create values that are enduring.


Prerequisite for further development

We see the pursuit of profitability as a prerequisite for the sustainable and sound advancement of our company. We do not make ill-considered decisions, but act with foresight. With this in mind, we look for solutions that will endure in the future to minimise economic risks.

Innovative thinking and action

We are always leading the competition in the market

We convert innovative ideas into real products through creative teamwork. We use modern technologies to produce products that meet the needs of our customers and are environmentally friendly at the same time. We do not compromise when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers in order to further develop ourselves and our products to the best of our abilities.

Internal cooperation

Proactive, independent and using our own initiative, we work together profitably

We promote interdisciplinary thinking and action. Taking responsibility and showing independent initiative are the basis for entrepreneurial thinking and action. Technical and social expertise facilitates the management of tasks and conflicts in individual and interdisciplinary teams.

Communication and transparency

We communicate openly

We strive for transparency through the mutual exchange of information with our customers and suppliers. But we also promote a culture of open communication within the company. This is the only way to achieve the full potential of our employees and to continuously develop ourselves.


Product quality requires quality of work

We use carefully selected materials to manufacture our products. We ensure the highest quality of our end products by constantly reviewing and optimising workflows and working conditions. Through our customer service we always seek to provide comprehensive support for retailers and end users.

Ethics & treating of resources

We are committed to ethical values, resource conservation and maintenance

Respect for as well as recognition and acknowledgment of human beings are a priority for us. Our behaviour is characterised by respect. We are also committed to treat the resources given to us carefully and responsibly and to plan material flows intelligently.