How we live sustainability

Many talk about sustainability and yet there are very different perceptions of what this term really entails.
For us, sustainability primarily means that we think long term.

Which materials are the best choice for humans and nature now and in the future? How can our customers truly enjoy our products as long as possible? How can we use our resources so efficiently that nothing is wasted and that our production is cost-efficient? How can we satisfy our employees and the employees of our suppliers in such a way that we ensure excellent product and service quality? Which company strategy will ensure our long-term success? In short: a responsible approach to the way we treat our natural resources is in our own interest. This is the only way can we remain competitive in the future.

Sustainability at billerbeck at a glance

  • All the materials we use meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • billerbeck Foundation for Sleep & Health®
  • Highly specialised production sites with binding requirements for sustainable economic activity
  • billerbeck suppliers are registered with the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)
  • Climate protection certificate for saving of greenhouse gases by recycling the material flows
  • Regular participation in social projects at home and abroad
  • Use of innovative, sustainable and animal-free raw materials (bamboo, soya, algae)
  • Expanding the product line by GOTS-certified products


The intelligent use of our resources enables us to produce cost-efficiently and to avoid unnecessary additional expenditure. Modern recirculation plants allow us to return valuable excess raw materials during production into the material flow circuit. This way we ensure that none of our high-quality fibres, feathers or down is wasted. It reduces the amount of material used, reduces costs and protects the environment. Here everyone benefits.


Durable products, modern production facilities and high company standards enable us to operate in harmony with the environment and nature. We believe that excellent product quality also pays off in terms of ecological aspects. This is our contribution to conserving resources and avoiding unnecessary waste.

Social responsibility

As a family business with tradition, we have deeply internalised the principle of social responsibility: high social standards apply not only for our own employees, but also for the employees of our suppliers. We believe that satisfied employees are the basis for high product quality, good service and a vibrant culture of innovation. That is why we rely on long-term cooperation and the continuous development of company know-how through our valued employees.