billerbeck lovingly handcrafts bedding

Our long-serving and experienced employees truly love the bedding they make. The bedding is produced according to all the rules of the trade in a meticulously planned production process with the utmost care and devotion.

Whether in our own sewing, stitching or assembly department: Every product that leaves our site has been filled, sewn and stitched in various steps by experienced hands before it is packed and finds its way to our customers.

Insight into the production of billerbeck down duvets

billerbeck dream factory

The stuff dreams are made of

All billerbeck bedding such as duvets, pillows and toppers are manufactured using a significant amount of handwork in our factories in Germany, Hungary and Switzerland.

Each individual product impresses with exclusive fillings, the finest cover fabrics and individual characteristics that set sleeping culture standards.

Wonderful bedding crafted from the finest fillings and cover fabrics

Once the individual fillings have been delivered, the raw material is broken up by machine for further processing until a cosy and soft bedding filling is produced.

Meanwhile, the cover fabric for the bedding is cut to the right size. Together with the filling material, it is then stretched by hand into a frame to be decorated with a machine quilting pattern.

The seamstresses then lovingly sew the high-quality bedding together by hand and finish their work by binding it up and attaching the billerbeck brand logo.

Now any threads stick out are removed, the duvets are cleaned and carefully checked by the quality control department. Everything needs to be perfect – just for you.

Lovingly handcrafted pillows

Skilled seamstresses produce the pillow covers with a great deal of dexterity and fill them with selected fillings.

The high-quality standards require the use of the best raw materials and careful workmanship. After completion, each individual product is subject to strict quality controls.