Air conditioning

Consistent sustainability to protect the climate and the environment

For our company, products and supply chains, sustainability is the central point around which we orientate our thinking and actions. To this end, we are constantly developing new measures, optimising processes and promoting projects. We continuously invest in renewable energies, energy-efficient machines and modern systems that serve to protect the climate and the environment.

Use of renewable energies

On the way to becoming a CO2-neutral production site, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of our production facility, which is continuously being added to. It has a peak output of 165 kWp. It supplies us with climate-friendly and CO2-neutral electricity from solar energy, thus reducing our CO2– carbon footprint.

Our company vehicles are all electric cars

When purchasing new company cars, we pay attention to environmentally-friendly alternatives such as electric cars. These can be charged at the company’s own charging station at any time.

Energy efficiency through modernisation of facilities and buildings

Furthermore, we also pay great attention to ecological measures during the production stages. When modernising facilities and buildings, we also pay attention to energy efficiency, for example, when installing the extraction system, which results in significant electricity savings.

Other notable examples that underline our commitment to climate-neutral or environmentally friendly behaviours include the insulation of several buildings and the purchase of machinery that enables us to reduce both waste and dust emissions.

Furthermore, in 2019 we renewed both the heating burner and the air compressor, both being examples of how we at billerbeck afford great importance to making sure that our machines are state-of-the-art and that we not only work more efficiently, but can also save energy. Our systems are also noise-reduced to protect employees and the environment.

Eco-friendly heating

We have installed a heating system that is regulated internally in our offices. With the help of a control function, our heaters switch on automatically during core working hours. In this way, we avoid over-using heat energy and make large savings.

We also strive for environmental engagement in the production process. Thanks to the heat we are able to recover, we save about 4 kg of heating oil per hour when drying down and feathers, which equates to a reduction of around 6,000 to 8,000 kg of heating oil over the year. This means that with an annual consumption of 100,000 kg, we record savings of 7%.


A printout here, a copy there – in a company like billerbeck there are many places where paper can be saved. By reorganising how we print brochures, we have achieved a significant reduction in the amount of paper we use. These are now printed in-house on environmentally friendly paper that is sustainably sourced. An additional benefit is that this measure allows us to save resources and avoid paper waste.

With the introduction of warehouse management software, on-time delivery can now be guaranteed. Thanks to this modern system, we can offer our employees more pleasant conditions and make significant improvements to the way they work. Another advantage is route optimisation achieved during order picking.

It goes without saying that we attach great importance to the further development of our work processes. We would like to push forward with digitising these processes, so that we can create a decisive technological foundation on which new channels for information and networking can be built.