The demands on our packaging are just as high as those on each individual product. Each individual package fulfils the following tasks: To arouse interest in the customer and to protect the bedding. To reduce material waste and fulfil the tasks, our packaging team experiments with new designs, pragmatic reuse strategies and renewable materials.

Regional and environmentally friendly packaging

We make it a point to work with regional printers who place special emphasis on climate-neutral printing and environmentally friendly packaging. They supply us with cardboard boxes for down duvets and pillows. For the products of our Swiss Dream brand, we also use new boxes made of up to 80% recycled material.

Multiple use of packaging

We also collect used cardboard boxes for reuse. We recycle all other transport packaging in a resource-conserving manner. In this way, we ensure the proper recycling of our already used transport packaging.

By recycling transport packaging, we currently have annual savings of up to 375 tonnes of resources and an additional 46,785 kg of greenhouse gas.

In addition, the popular product carrier bags of the bedding are reused again and again, as they offer perfect storage space for those who like to keep things tidy.

Dispensing with additional plastic outer packaging

By purchasing a fine dust filter system, we succeed in dispensing with additional plastic outer packaging. The filtered, clean air is responsible for this.