The use of the best raw materials is just as important to us as careful workmanship under the strictest ecological aspects. On the one hand, we implement these practices through high-performance production machines, and on the other hand, through qualified craftsmanship.

Certified sustainable bedding

Environmental impact, animal welfare and sustainability in general are very important to us. As a pioneer and innovative leader in the industry, we at billerbeck have been focusing for years on environmentally friendly products as well as resource-friendly and pollutant-free production.

This allows us to produce nature-oriented bedding that meets our requirements for sustainable products and is free of synthetic raw materials. Only renewable organic materials are used in the production process, as shown by our certifications from renowned institutes and well-known standards.

GOTS certification

The “Global Organic Textile Standard” (GOTS) is one of the top certifications that a natural textile can carry. It stands for the best organic quality at every stage of the textile production chain and also requires compliance with various social criteria The entire sustainable production and supply chain is verified.

BLUE ANGEL certification

BLUE ANGEL is the world’s first and oldest label for environmentally friendly products and services. The eco-label stands for, among other things, the economical use of raw materials, the use of recycled materials, low energy consumption and environmentally friendly disposal.

Cradle to Cradle

“Cradle to Cradle Certified” is an internationally recognised standard for documenting the use of environmentally safe, healthy and recyclable materials, as well as the use of renewable energies and adherence to social commitments. This is an independent certification that assesses a product’s safety for people and the environment, as well as its design for future life cycles.


With “RAINFOREST ALLIANCE™” certification, we guarantee our customers that our products are made from materials that have been produced in an environmentally friendly, socially and economically responsible or sustainable way.

Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®

We attach great deal of importance to the fact that all materials used in billerbeck products and purchased from trading partners are certified in accordance with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®. Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production.


We stand for ethically sourced down and feathers from agricultural livestock as a Downpass certified company. Products with the label guarantee that customers will not find material from live plucking or from foie gras production and that rearing is controlled. The supply chain is also transparent and traceable.

We do not tolerate live-plucking

For over 20 years we have been using down and feathers exclusively from animals that have not been plucked alive. The members of the Swiss Bedding Manufacturer’s Association are the only suppliers who have consistently not imported and processed live plucked goods since 1996, thus underlining our commitment to animal welfare.

Swiss Guaranty VSB

billerbeck Schweiz AG is a member of the Swiss Bedding Manufacturer’s Association (VSB). Down duvets and feather pillows that carry a numbered “Swiss Guaranty VSB” label and a guarantee booklet meet the strict requirements of “Standard 2.0 for down and feathers”.