sustainable certifications for products, supply chains and the company

Sustainable products and supply chains

Environmental impact, animal welfare and sustainability in general are not exclusive to bedding. As a pioneer and innovative leader in the industry, we at billerbeck have been focusing for years on environmentally friendly products as well as resource-friendly and pollutant-free production.

GOTS certification

Our nature-focused GOTS certified Organic range includes duvets, pillows, neck support pillows, toppers and mattresses. These products meet our sustainability requirements by being free of synthetic raw materials. Only renewable organic materials are used in the resource-friendly production process, as demonstrated by certifications from renowned institutes and well-known standards.

The “Global Organic Textile Standard” (GOTS) is one of the top certifications that a natural textile can carry. It stands for the best organic quality at every stage of the textile production chain and also requires compliance with various social criteria. The entire sustainable production and supply chain is verified, e.g., strict environmental guidelines, organic raw materials and socially responsible conditions.

BLUE ANGEL Certification

Our entire GRETA®, FRIEDA® and LASSE® pillow and duvet product series have been certified by the Blue Angel eco-label.

BLUE ANGEL is the world’s first and oldest label for environmentally friendly products and services. The eco-label stands for, among other things, the economical use of raw materials, the use of recycled materials, low energy consumption and environmentally friendly disposal. With BLUE ANGEL certification, we observe strict environmental standards in our production process, occupational safety and social conditions and avoid chemicals in our end products that are harmful to health.

  • Produced in an environmentally friendly way
  • Tested for harmful substances
  • Social criteria for raw material extraction and final product

billerbeck BLUE ANGEL-Certification GRETA

billerbeck BLUE ANGEL-Certification FRIEDA

billerbeck BLUE ANGEL-Certification LASSE

Certificate of the billerbeck STIFTUNG SCHLAF & GESUNDHEIT (Sleep & Health Foundation)

The billerbeck certification from the STIFTUNG SCHLAF & GESUNDHEIT only includes down and feathers that are RDS or DOWNPASS certified. These are guaranteed traceable certified down and feathers from animals that have not been plucked alive and not kept for foie gras production.

All filling types comply with the European standard EN 12934 class 1. In combination with the finest cover fabrics, true masterpieces of sleep culture are created with craftsmanship in our ateliers. Exceptional warmth comfort due to high air trapping, long-lasting puffiness and cosy softness, they are a dream of security and well-being.

RDS - Responsible Down Standard

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is an independent, voluntary standard that is valid worldwide. It sets binding minimum standards for the extraction of down and feathers and guarantees the ethically sound origin of the down and feathers used.

The traceability of the entire value chain extends from the farms and slaughterhouses to the down producers and textile factories. To ensure continuous compliance with the standard and improvement of animal welfare in the industry, Control Union conducts an annual audit according to the RDS standard.



DOWNPASS labelled products stand for high quality and the assurance that the down and feathers used as filling material have been ethically sourced and come from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains.

As a Downpass certified company, we stand for ethically sourced down and feathers from farmed animals. Products awarded this label guarantee the exclusion of live plucking, goods from foie gras production and rearing controls. The supply chain is transparent and traceable.


The Hohenstein Institute is an internationally recognised research and service centre. Convinced by the competence of the Hohenstein experts, manufacturers from all over the world have their products tested and evaluated for quality and product properties.

Sustainability in the company

Our continuous environmental commitment as well as sustainable thinking and acting is evidenced by the certificates for the achievement of environmental goals and the implementation of environmental projects.

Environmental Management Certificate DIN ISO 14001

With the internationally recognised environmental management certificate DIN ISO 14001, we meet the highest ecological and climate-relevant standards. Because sustainability, climate and environmental protection are our company’s top priorities – for our own and future generations.

Always in focus for the environment: sustainability

Responsible use of resources, the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable products and continuous improvement of our energy efficiency are just as important to us as respectful treatment of our employees and suppliers, support for social and cultural projects and customer satisfaction.

Interseroh Certificate: Recycling of transport packaging

As a manufacturer of bedding, we regularly put transport packaging into circulation. In accordance with the principle of producer responsibility, we have had them recycled professionally for years. In this way, we ensure that our already used transport packaging is recycled in a resource-saving manner.

Result: By recycling transport packaging, we currently save up to 521 tonnes of resources and an additional 42.037 kg of greenhouse gases annually.