Mission Statement

Our corporate mission statement serves to create a foundation of trust between customers, shareholders, management, all employees, suppliers and partners. It sets out the typical values and business principles that guide our actions.

As a medium-sized company and well-known brand manufacturer, we have a great responsibility that we are happy to fulfil. The foundations of our work are typical values and principles that guide our entrepreneurial thinking and actions.

Customer-oriented business

In all areas of the company, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, because our most important goal is to improve their sleeping comfort. We want to enable our customers to make conscious purchasing decisions by informing and advising them transparently and openly through product labeling and direct communication.

Employees – our greatest asset

Every employee makes an important contribution to our success. An interpersonal, positive atmosphere, as well as mutual trust and reliability, are the basis of our working relationship. Through honest and direct communication, we create trust among one another, which maintains a spirit of fairness.

Cooperative partnership with our suppliers

We take responsibility within global supply chains and for the resources that we use to manufacture our products. The procurement of materials that are declared as having been obtained or manufactured according to ecological and ethical principles is of great importance to us.

We also strive to maintain a trusting and long-term relationship with our business partners that is based on fairness, reliability and mutual support.

Sustainable value creation

We pride ourselves in being a role model. It is therefore our goal to think and act in a socially and ecologically responsible manner. In doing so, we try to incorporate environmentally friendly improvements into previous methods and thereby keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We are proud of the level of sustainability that we have already achieved with our organic products.

Social & Regional Engagement

We see ourselves as an active part of society and are involved in many local projects. Our social and cultural engagement takes many forms and we aim to support several different institutions. Our corporate philosophy already states that we want to set an example in our business sector and, as such, we make a commitment beyond the framework of the company.

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