Increased sustainability
for a better future

Sustainability is not a corporate goal for billerbeck, but an integral part of our identity. This has a direct impact on the people who work, shop or work in partnership with us. In our corporate philosophy, we have stated that we want to set an example in our environment. This is what motivates us to think and act in a socially and ecologically responsible way. In addition, we are convinced that sustainable management is not only essential now, but also for the future. As such, we think ahead for the future and revisit these key topics in-depth again and again.

So we can assess the sustainability of a product, it is important to note that sustainability is not limited to small sub-areas, but actually encompasses a product or production system in its entirety.

Which materials are the best choice for people and nature now and in the future? How can we use our resources efficiently so nothing is wasted and we produce our products economically?


Honoured with sustainable certifications for products, supply chains and the company itself, billerbeck truly stands out.

Environmental policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report offers insight into the diverse sustainability activities being carried out across the entire billerbeck Group.