Environmental Management Team

Strong community: environmental protection is a collective effort

Our environmental management team forms a strong community. Under the expert leadership of our trained environmental manager, we continuously deal with all future environmental and climate-relevant projects. We place great emphasis on regular meetings to ensure comprehensive planning and successful implementation.

Nevertheless, we recognise that the greatest part of the commitment lies in the initiative of each individual employee. Each of us plays an important role and contributes to our ability to sustainably develop the different areas of the company. We encourage and support our team members to contribute their ideas and suggestions and to actively engage in environmentally friendly measures.

Our environmental manager is available as a point of contact and guides us in strategic decisions, but ultimately we are all collectively responsible for the success of our environment-related initiatives. By joining forces, we not only aim to bring about positive change within our company and lead the industry in environmental protection.

We are proud to be part of this dedicated team and excited about the opportunity to actively shape the future of our environment. Together we can achieve a more sustainable future and do our part to protect our nature and climate.

Overview of the different key tasks of the environmental management team:

  1. implementation and maintenance of the environmental management system:
    It is your responsibility to implement the environmental management system in your company and to ensure that it functions effectively. You develop appropriate structures, procedures and processes to define and achieve environmental goals.
  2. contact person for sustainability:
    You are the central contact person for all employees regarding sustainability issues. You support and advise the various company divisions such as production, maintenance, assembly, packaging, logistics, shipping and development with regard to environmentally relevant issues.
  3. carrying out audits:
    you are responsible for the successful implementation of both internal and external audits. In doing so, you check compliance with environmental standards, identify potential for improvement and derive appropriate measures.
  4. document management:
    you monitor and maintain the documents of the environmental management system, such as environmental guidelines, procedural instructions and reports. You ensure that the documentation is up-to-date, accessible and in compliance with legal requirements.
  5. support the development of environmental protection measures:
    You will support all areas of the company in identifying and implementing environmental protection measures. In doing so, you will promote an environmentally conscious corporate culture and ensure that sustainability aspects are integrated into business processes.

Further training in environmental management is of great importance in order to fulfil the tasks of an environmental management officer. Environmental regulations and requirements change regularly and it is important to stay up to date. Sound expertise in environmental law and knowledge of the environmental management system are therefore essential.