Sleep research

Academic partnerships

For a long time, human sleep has largely been overlooked by researchers. But when the REM (rapid eye movement) phase was discovered in the 1950s and scientists began to study sleep intensively for the first time, so too did billerbeck’s work on sleep research begin.

Physical and mental performance, concentration and resilience, as well as mood and numerous bodily functions, suffer from too little or poor sleep. That is why, for the last 100 years, billerbeck has been systematically addressing customer habits and needs concerning healthy sleep. At the same time, billerbeck is active in educating people and actively passes on knowledge about how to achieve a good night’s sleep.

The internationally active billerbeck Stiftung Schlaf & Gesundheit® (Sleep & Health Foundation) brings together specialists from a wide range of disciplines: doctors, physiologists, psychologists, biologists, physicists and textile research institutes carry out ongoing investigations into the various aspects that constitute sleep quality.

The foundation works with well-known institutions such as Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (1952–1956), the Frobenius Institute of Goethe University Frankfurt (1956) and the Hohenstein Research Institute (1957 to today).

In addition to its own work, the foundation awards targeted research contracts in order to sustainably broaden its knowledge about sleep behaviour. Particular attention is paid to areas that could hitherto only be explained by a few, reliable research findings.