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So we are able meet the growing needs of our customers in the future, we are constantly developing our skills. In the interests of this, we always ensure dealings with our retail partners and with the end consumer are personal, intense and, above all, transparent because we are convinced that we can only succeed in continuing to developing our products and positioning them on the market in the best possible way through an uncompromising focus on customer needs.

billerbeck offers the trade interesting sales transactions, continuous product innovation and an attractive range that covers all sleeping habits and consumer needs. We make decisions-making channels are efficient, and contact with our customers is direct and fair.


Friedrich Ermert

Thomas Ermert

Employees GERMANY

Ingrid Ermert
Human Resources

Lutz Geldmacher
Sales Management

Pia Kubinski
Production Management

Susanne Hufeld
Finance and Accounting Manager

Dieter Sievers

Deborah Hruschka
In-house Service

Sarah Müller
In-house Service

Anne-Christine Prenzlow

Brand Shop Branch Manager

Makbule Saricicek

Stefanie Kolb
Management Assistance

Sandra Plock
Marketing & Graphic Design

Steffen Bärsch
Field Service

Claudia Knoop
Field Service

Thomas Görick
Field Service

Thomas Kriesel
Field Service

Gernot Fankhauser
Field Service

Alen Veladzic
Field Service


Peter Gygli
Director of IT

Corinne Marquard
Director of Purchasing

Guido Stutz
Director of Production

Armin Vollmer
Director of Export & Marketing

Bruno Zimmermann
Director of Sales

Roberto Crespo
Head of Customer Service

Sandra Stämpfli
Deputy Head of Customer Service

Kevin Leimgruber
Webshop & Export Manager

Rita Jost
Sales Specialist

Tanja Kölliker
Sales Specialist

Beatrix Meier
Sales Specialist

Corinne Oberli
Export Manager

Martina Ghiringhelli
Assistant Director of Sales

Thomas Bigliardi
Regional Sales Manager

Dieter Geitlinger
Regional Sales Manager

Christelle Marquis
Regional Sales Manager

Nepe Berisha
Head of Finance

Katarzyna Brodnicka
Quality & Environmental Manager

Jasmin Bosshart
Cleaning Specialist