Development spaces for employees


We attach great importance to diversity. This is because, as we see it, there is tremendous benefit to be gained from the experiences acquired by people from a range of different backgrounds. It helps us to promote creativity and drive innovation. Our employees enrich us with their diverse, unique perspectives, which opens up new horizons for us. Each day, we gain the benefit from the diversity of our employees: different ages, genders, from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Equal opportunities

At this point, it is also interesting to mention that we have a high quota of women at billerbeck (60%) and place great importance on having no gender pay disparities.

Healthy working atmosphere and respectful cooperation

We attach great importance to transparency and straightforwardness in our dealings with colleagues and customers, because for us, these components are essential for a functioning working relationship as well as a healthy working atmosphere in the company. We treat each other with respect, understanding and appreciation. We have no room for any kind of discrimination, because it contradicts our principle of open and respectful interaction with one another, which is part of our corporate culture.

Sustainable education and training

Many of our employees have actually been with us for several decades, since they were taken on immediately after completing their training.

We are also pushing ahead with our further training programme. We want to support our employees by offering them a personalised training programme. This will help us to ensure that, thanks to the latest findings from science and business, our products will be of above-average quality in the long term.

Working time models

It is important to us that we adapt the working conditions in the most diverse areas of responsibility around the needs of each individual’s life situation. For better work-life balance, we offer our employees part-time jobs.