Development spaces for employees

Your good day starts at night because many clever minds and hard-working hands give their best every day. Because all billerbeck bedding, every award and every success, is always the result of an outstanding team and every single employee.

As a family business that has been in existence since 1921, we live values that transcend generations and want to help shape the world of tomorrow in a sustainable, innovative and meaningful way. In doing so, we strive to be a fair and attractive employer, to develop our employees and to retain them at billerbeck for the long term.

All billerbeck employees form the basis for the company’s success. Their professional qualifications and commitment are what set them apart. In return, we offer them secure jobs, responsible tasks and optimal working conditions that contribute to motivation and long-term job satisfaction.


We attach great importance to diversity. We see the richness of diversity as a great gain in experience. It helps us to promote creativity and drive innovation. Every employee opens up new horizons for us from different perspectives and enriches us in their uniqueness. Every day we draw on the added value of different ages as well as different genders, countries and cultures of our employees.


At 60%, billerbeck has a high quota of women. We attach great importance to making no distinctions according to gender when it comes to pay.

Healthy working atmosphere and respectful cooperation

We place great value on transparency and straightforwardness in our dealings with colleagues and customers, because for us these components are prerequisites for a functioning working relationship and a healthy working atmosphere in the company. We treat each other with respect, understanding and appreciation. There is no room for any kind of discrimination, because it contradicts our principle of open and respectful interaction, which is part of our corporate culture.

Works council

Through the employee representatives on the works council, our employees are involved in important decisions and can directly voice their concerns. Relevant issues are discussed and everyone is given the opportunity to actively contribute.

Working time models

It is important to us to adapt the working conditions in the various areas of responsibility to the needs of each individual’s life situation. To make it easier to combine family and career, we offer our employees part-time jobs or, depending on the area of responsibility, home offices.

Further training is strongly encouraged at billerbeck. Our employees attend qualified seminars and training courses at regular intervals.

Sustainable training concept

Every year we offer young people the opportunity to complete their training as industrial clerks in our company as well as internships. If they perform well, we attach great importance to taking them on after their training. In fact, many of our employees have been with us for several decades, as they were also taken on directly after completing their training.

Inclusion of people with disabilities

We employ people with disabilities in production and in the finished goods warehouse. The workplaces and work content have been adapted to the abilities of the employees.

Integration of refugees

Since the beginning of 2019, we have integrated five refugees from Syria into the work of our company. They are employed in production and already speak German due to their school attendance.

Promoting personal exchange

There are sufficient opportunities for retreat in the canteen or break rooms. Employees can also regularly enjoy small gifts, activities and communal celebrations, anniversary bonuses and gifts for milestone birthdays, and get to know each other better across departments.

Employee health

To prevent back problems, our employees can request height-adjustable desks. If required, the workplaces can also be equipped with several monitors.

Employee magazine

All employees are regularly informed about news in the company or from the industry and they can contribute thematically.

Suggestion system

Since our employees know their work areas best and the well-being of each individual is important to us, the suggestion system is a valuable tool for the optimisation and further development of the company. Here, every employee can submit his or her ideas, suggestions for improvement and wishes for implementation.