Regional commitment to people, animals and the environment

Partnerships with social and cultural support organisations

With its donations, billerbeck aims to demonstrate and appreciate the diversity of social commitment. That is why, together with our partners, we foster and support numerous civic initiatives. This commitment to social and cultural projects that have high priority in our environment is a matter that is close to our hearts.

In addition to our commitment to local campaigns and cultural associations, such as the Bruchsal School of Music and Arts, we also place particular emphasis on supporting organisations such as “Ein Herz für Kinder” (A Heart for Children) or “blut.eV – Citizens for Leukaemia and Tumour Diseases”.

Insect protection initiative

In 2019, billerbeck bought a meadow located in the immediate vicinity of the company premises. This land was put into the care of a leaseholder who manages it in accordance with strict ecological regulations, compliance with which is a top priority for us. Examples of this include minimal use of fertilisers and the fact that the plot is only mown twice a year with cutting tools, which is particularly important for insect populations and for protecting species.

Through this commitment, we want to make a sustainable contribution to nature conservation and, in particular, tackle the problematic decline in insect populations. It is particularly important to us that the meadow is taken care of correctly, or is even improved upon, so that more species can flourish in the animal and plant world.

Our commitment to environmental protection

To underline our local engagement and, above all, our commitment to nature conservation, we attach great importance to our partnership with the Kraichtal Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). Regular donations are used in particular for the purchase of land that NABU Kraichtal manages in the interests of nature conservation.


Lebenshilfe Bruchsal-Bretten e.V.

Lebenshilfe Bruchsal-Bretten e. V. has been supporting us in the production of billerbeck bedding for more than 50 years. As well as making neck support pillows and refill bags, employees also sew pillow cases for billerbeck.

Lebenshilfe Bruchsal-Bretten e.V. is an association of and for people with intellectual or mental disabilities in the Bruchsal-Bretten district.

Donation for Asian Garden in Kraichtal

Kraichtal-Münzesheim is home to one of the largest Asian gardens in Germany and at the same time the most beautiful in Europe. The “Garden of Serene Silence” was conceived in 1985 by the Münzesheim Therapy Centre, by the then head physician and Asia fan Dr. Jürgen Schwarz, and brought to life together with activists and sponsors.

The vision was realised with a lot of passion and craftsmanship. Since then, the community project has served the clinic as therapeutic support for patients. With much attention to detail, the flowers and blossoms are regularly expanded and maintained by the master gardener, occupational therapists and patients.

In order to make up for the funding that has been discontinued in the meantime, a fascinating illustrated book of the Asian Garden is being developed by “Verlag Regionalkultur”, which is financed by donations. To ensure that the Asian Garden can continue to shine in Europe, that the clinic’s almost 40-year commitment pays off and that valuable support for the patients is secured, billerbeck is participating in the book project with a generous donation.