For the sake of the environment: reusable instead of disposable

When it comes to the utilisation of substances and materials, recycling is particularly close to our hearts.

Residual waste and edge remnants are separated and fed back into the production cycle, provided the law permits it. This is achieved thanks to modern recycling facilities, which allow us to feed valuable raw materials that are lost during production back into the material flow cycle.

In this way, we are able to ensure that none of our high-quality fibres, feathers or down are wasted. This not only reduces the use of materials, it also protects the environment by demonstrably reducing CO2 emissions.

By working with companies that are active in this area, we are able to recycle or reuse the remnant materials and edge strips from duvets, pillows and toppers that amass during production. While the filling material goes back to billerbeck and is reused in production, for several years now the strips have been sent as pressed bales to a company that can make use of the material for further recycling purposes.

Careful waste separation pays off

Switching from commercial waste to recyclable waste

With a well thought-out waste system, waste is sorted, recovered and returned to the recycling cycle. This has enabled us to significantly reduce commercial waste and ensures the recycling of substances and materials.