billerbeck down range

Guaranteed traceable and certified down and feathers

We only use down and feathers for which we can guarantee that the geese and ducks were not kept for stuffing or producing foie gras production and were not plucked alive. We only use down from controlled origins with species-appropriate rearing and never from live animals.

The billerbeck Sleep & Health® Foundation certificate guarantees all of this. This means that the down and feathers of the geese and ducks are certified and always traceable back to the egg.


Eiderdown is without doubt the most exclusive and expensive natural filling material for duvets available anywhere in the world. For this luxury filling, each step of the process requires real craftsmanship, and special care is required for the subsequent stages to produce the particularly warm and – in the truest sense of the word – feather-light duvets. These duvets are especially suitable for people who like warm sleeping conditions.

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