Fibre selection

Fibres for maximum sleeping pleasure

Fibre fillings combine great ease of care and hygiene with a dreamy balance of softness and puffiness. Fibre fillings have lots of positive qualities thanks to their ingenious workmanship and highly developed technology. They are also easy to care for and the countless variations suit a wide range of sleeping needs.


AIRMAGIC® magical sleeping conditions

AIRMAGIC® is an in-house development by billerbeck and uses a large proportion of Lyocell (TENCEL™), a viscose filling (PCM) that has been refined using high-tech processes, combined with AIRSOFT® polyester filling. The fibre delivers active temperature and moisture management. This results in an excellent microclimate in the bed and maximum comfort. These duvets and toppers feel light and silky.



hygienic freshness with a touch of silver

AIRSOFT® plus is a polyester micro hollow fibre. While this sounds rather technical, the result is light, puffy, down-like, comfortably warm and delightfully cuddly. Thanks to silver content in the fibres, bedding with AIRSOFT®-plus filling such as duvets and toppers have a hygienically fresh effect.


AIRSOFT® clean

allergy sufferers’ favourite: the hygiene champion

AIRSOFT® clean is the number one choice for allergy sufferers when it comes to fibre duvets and toppers. The duvet filling made of 100 % polyester hollow fibre is extremely strong and hard-wearing and can even be washed at 95 °C or boiled.



cloudlike softness

The AIRSOFT® fibre filling is made of 100% hollow polyester fibre and makes the duvets particularly puffy, soft, cuddly and hard-wearing.


AIRFILL® hollow fibre

light and airy

AIRFILL® is a hollow fibre made of 100% polyester that traps in lots of air. This delivers excellent thermal performance at a low weight. Similarly, any moisture that is created is optimally balanced out. The material is easy to clean and hard-wearing.



cosy lightweight warmth

billerbeck’s very own AIRTEC® fibre for duvets is made of 100% polyester micro hollow fibres. This high-tech fibre really impresses with the volume of air it traps in. This means that a duvet filled with AIRTEC® fibres is extremely light but also retains an exceptional level of warmth.


AIRTEC micro®

cosy lightweight warmth

AIRTEC-micro® fibres are a popular pillow filling. The combination of 70% polyester micro hollow fibres and 30% lyocell (TENCEL™) creates a highly supportive pillow. The moisture-regulating material releases any moisture effectively. In addition, the pillow filling has a soft down-like feel and excellent springback ability.



cluster fibre

Pillow fillings with AIRFLOCKS® cluster fibre are made of 70% polyester and 30% Lyocell fibres (TENCEL™), which are derived from the cellulose in wood. The Lyocell content of the pillow improves the absorption and release of moisture. Due to the high volume of air trapped by the fibres, the pillow feels pleasantly soft and light despite its super-elastic supporting effect.


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