Nature range

relaxed sleep in natural materials

Natural materials offer total relaxation, for excellent sleeping pleasure all year round. Optimal conditions for a perfect start to the day.

Pure new sheep’s wool

Pure new sheep’s wool is known for its long-lasting freshness and excellent self-cleaning ability. In addition, it has exceptional temperature regulating qualities and is characterised by excellent moisture absorption and release during sleep. Best suited to duvets, pillows and toppers.



The purely plant-based duvet or topper filling is the preferred option of vegans and allergy sufferers. It is kind to skin and known for its excellent moisture absorption and perfect temperature balance.


Camel hair

Duvets with camel hair filling have excellent climate control, are breathable and release moisture particularly well. Since camel hair is slightly wavy, even thinner blankets provide top thermal performance.



Cashmere goat hair is extra soft and fine as a duvet filling, which offers a snug, light feeling when sleeping.



Tussah is the only natural wild silk. With its extremely soft and elegant feel, it nestles against the body, creating a wonderfully light sensation of cool freshness on the skin.



The bamboo fibre absorbs moisture well and releases it again. This makes it both cooling and temperature balancing and particularly suitable for summer duvets.


Swiss pine

Swiss stone pine flakes are added to select duvets and pillows filled with down, pure sheep’s wool or cotton to enrich the mix. The flakes come from sustainable forestry and release essential oils that promote sleep quality.



Horse tail hair is an impressive pillow filling with excellent elasticity and extraordinary form stability. Horsehair pillows offer firm support and have a particularly good pressure-relieving effect on the head and neck.


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